Trends in Landslide monitoring

Image Journal of Remote Sensing & GIS   is delighted to share one of our published scientific communication. Gist of the study MT-InSAR (Multi-temporal Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar) is a powerful remote sensing technique used to measure earth surface displacements and monitor their trend throughout the years over different times. It employs multiple time series of SAR images and extracts spatial height information over... Read More

Studies on Landslides with application of Remote Sensing

Image As of late, the avalanche and landslide incidents have expanded long ways for the most part because of human interventions as settlements, cultivation, road development, hydroelectricity ventures. Landslide causative factors such as slope, aspect, lithology, geology and geomorphology are derived using remote sensing techniques. Landslides are also referred to as landslip in certain studies. Rockfall’s, deep-seated slope failures, mudflows, and debris flows are some incidents observed worldwide. Landslides happen in an assortment of conditions, portrayed by either steep or gentle ... Read More